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i have my own feelings.

Posted by : farah najwa at Saturday, April 23, 2011 i happy i sad i cry i laugh i lie i pray i sins . same goes to you right ? so please people , let me decide what i want in my life . who i want to love which person i want to marry . not YOU ! . saya ada hak saya sendiri nak buat ape . baju ape saya nak pakai nombor ape saya nak guna , ikut suka saya lah. and fyi , YOU ARE NOT MY PARENTS. if korang nak nasihat kan aku pasal BEHAVIOUR , aku boleh terima , yela , sume rase diri dia PERFECT . but , bila main dgn PERASAAN , biar aku yang tentukan. heh. please , i am a HUMAN . not a barbie DOLL . if HE really really LOVES me , then he know what he must do. THANKYOU.

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