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should i ?

Posted by : farah najwa at Saturday, April 23, 2011
Should i teach myself to hate you?
Should i teach my heart not to love you?
Should i teach my mind not to think about you?
Would you teach me to?
Because honestly, i dont know how..
How to tell myself not to
How to start a beginning without you..

Coz i feel so empty knowing youre not here with me
The tenderness of your touch i felt
The symphony of your kissed has left
Stock in the moment where there was me and you
Should i forget about them too?

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Nurul Assyiqin said...

No you shouldn't . When you try to hate him more , you'll end up with loves him even more . When you're trying to forget him , you'll end up miss him more . Just go with the flow , stay strong . Let time decide :)

farah najwa said...


syahZ said...

Don't forget the memories that make you smile. Tapi lepaskanlah die.

farah najwa said...

i cant.

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