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Posted by : farah najwa at Thursday, April 28, 2011
I love it when we talk
(i love the sound of his voice when he talk)
I love the feeling when he share his secrets
(That's why i keep telling him my secrets)
But somehow i am hurting

When he was talking about her woman
I was really hurt
But i never wannted he to know
(but i know he's not, his expression doesnt show)
She always tell me how much she loves's him
(I always lied when i told him i love my man)
I wanted to cry and tell how much i am in pain
(i wanted to cry and tell him that it is him whom i love)
For all of my life i never wanted anything in this world but he
(for all of my life, i only want him)
But i wont forgive myself if i ruin their relationship
(i loose all hopes that's why i look for somebody else)

But i am sure of one thing, i love him
(And deep inside its him whom i love most)
But waht can i do? she loves him so much
(But what can i do? he see's me as a friend)
All i can do now is wait
(And stil all i can do now is wait)
Till the day i can finally tell her my greatest secret
(till the day he notice me and knew my long lost secret)

That's why i grab every opportunity
(that's why i keep on telling him every story)
So that somehow i can talk to her
(so that's somehow i'd be w/ him)
Even just for once
(even just for a short time)
Though i know, she only sees me as a friend, a friend is all i ever be
(though i know im just a friend to him, only friend, nothing more nothing less)

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